Rejuvenated - Be Skinny Drink Me & Collagen Shots video

Rejuvenated is about feeling and looking great

A fresh approach to anti-ageing and healthy weight loss. Our anti-ageing range consists of Collagen Shots a high strength drink containing marine collagen, acai, hyaluronic acid, minerals and vitamin C for a more youthful skin.  We've added two hydration products. a drink for the day time and a tablet to hydrate while you sleep, so you wake refreshed and renewed ready to face the day. Veggiecol® is our new vegetarian collagen supplement created to offer an alternative choice for those who do not eat fish.

The weight loss program, Rejuvenated Re-set has been created to achieve long-term healthy weight loss and blood sugar levels.  Stop yo-yo dieting forever with our scientifically created program. Our Protein Smoothie is a delicious healthy drink on the go, formulated with pea protein, glucomannan and inulin which helps to break down visceral fat.

We recognise the fact that it's not always easy to eat the healthiest of diets or go out and exercise every day.  Here we bring easy to use high-performance products formulated with the best 100% natural ingredients to make a difference to your skin and your lifestyle.

Rejuvenated Awards

We are thrilled to have been selected for so many awards, the efficacy of Collagen Shots has given amazing results and our nominations are a testament to that.

Our recognition is spreading world wide and we look forward to bringing you more news very soon.

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